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Browser Support

Web browser (commonly referred to as a browser) is a software application for accessing the World Wide Web information. Each web page, images, video and individually, you can define a different URL, which can allow browsers to retrieve and view them on the user's device.
The Web browser does not match the search engine, even if the two are often confused. For the user, the search engine only a website, such as, which stores the search data on other sites. But a web browser must be installed to connect and view websites on the device, the user a Get PC Expert who is part of Kites Solutions Ltd we have certified technician working 24*7 to provide a better browser support we provide online support for all the browser.

What are the Most-used Browsers?
The top ten desktop browsers according to StatCounter for May 2018 were:
Chrome - 59.37% market share
Firefox - 12.76%
Safari - 10.55%
IE - 8.32%
Edge - 3.42%
Opera - 1.99%
Android (tablet) - 1.24%
Yandex Browser - 0.48%
UC Browser - 0.41%
Coc Coc - 0.33%
Mobile now accounts for 54.25% of all web use so we also need to examine the top ten phone browsers:
Chrome - 49.23%
Safari - 17.73%
UC Browser - 15.89%
Samsung Internet - 6.58%
Opera - 5.03%
Android - 3.75%
IEMobile - 0.68%
BlackBerry - 0.26%
Edge - 0.15%
Nokia - 0.12%